For the first 35 years of Lakeland’s 40 year existence, our city was simply a bedroom community. However, over the last 5 years Lakeland has strategically invested in future growth from both a residential and commercial standpoint. A 3 year project to completely redo our I-40 interchange is now complete. This new interchange brings excellent opportunities for commercial development in what will become the commercial centerpiece of Lakeland. A centerpiece for both our residents and as a destination point for out of town travelers. We also have a growing residential base (12,500 residents) along with a high per capita income to support economic growth. Several economic projects are currently underway or being negotiated by city leaders and private developers. One of the more exciting projects is The Lake District which will take the place of the former Belz Factory Outlet Mall at I-40 and Canada. Rd.

The Lake District is an upscale 160+ acre mixed-use community surrounding a 10-acre lake and waterways. Designed as an urban village, The Lake District is a walkable community with elegant water features, tree-lined parks, and inspiring architecture giving the sense of an established neighborhood with varying facades and roof lines. Intelligent design will leave a distinctive imprint on the regions for-sale residential market. Every element combines to create a village with urban amenities and a vibrant street life. It will offer the finest in retail and restaurant experiences as well as luxury lifestyle living with single-family homes available to build. Built around our 10-acre sapphire lake, The Lake District has an atmosphere of comfort and beauty. Slated to open in 2019, The Lake District welcomes all inquiries for retail, restaurant, and residential opportunities.

Median Income of $98,939
within 5-mile radius

62,581 AADT for the I40
& Canada Rd. Intersection

2016 Total Population within
a 5 mile radius is 84,450

Did You Know?

Lakeland is designated a Tennessee Adventure Tourism city. This designation allows qualified new businesses located within the district to earn job tax credits to offset a portion of the businesses’ Tennessee franchise and excise tax liability. Qualified businesses include restaurants, hotels, or other tourist-related attractions.